Chelsea Arndt

Nickname: Jr.
Guide For: Grand Canyon
Hometown: Laramie, WY and Flagstaff, AZ
Favorite Food: The free kind
Favorite Music: Honky Tonk
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: One word: Tan. Working in the most beautiful place in the world with all of my best friends is ok too
Greatest Memory: Short shorts hike to the diving board at 50 mile
Other Hobbies: Going to school, working at the boathouse, hiking, snow sporting. riding bikes
Special Talents: Making stuff out of other stuff
Time as a Guide: 7 years
Time with O.A.R.S.: If you count making gorp and packing candy bars for Denice (Napoletano), about 17 years. I've been boating for OARS for 7 years