Debbie Hausler

Nickname: Deb
Guide For: Idaho
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Favorite Food: McDonald's Cheeseburger (I am a cheap date!)
Favorite Music: Anything on my Ipod as I drive west each spring
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: Living the dream - outside 24/7 with great people who want to have a good time in beautiful places!
Greatest Memory: Before my first trip down the Yampa, I had heard horror stories from other guides about Warm Springs rapid. My mind painted a Powell-esque picture - looming cliffs, 30 foot waves and no room to get a boat between the huge rocks. When I finally got to the scout I realized it was much more doable than I had imagined, and learned a lesson about worrying about things too far ahead of time!
Other Hobbies: Wishing I was! I am just starting a new "other job" as a corporate conference trip director.
Special Talents: Guitar, photography, poetry, cooking
Time as a Guide: 8 years
Time with O.A.R.S.: 8 years

Guide for: Idaho, Utah & Colorado

"A near death experience in the desert converted me from Senior VP at a Top 10 ad agency to a living river guide!," shares Deb who has been guiding for O.A.R.S. for the past eight years. Although her Master of Science Degree in Advertising may not be needed on the river, Deb is definitely not out of her element on the water, and in fact has accumulated nearly 300 rafting trips on rivers in the Grand Canyon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, California and southern Oregon. She enjoys the impact she is able to make on others by helping expose people who are out of their regular element to new experiences and ideas, and delights in the simplicity and satisfaction of living in the moment that her summer job on the river provides.