Save the Colorado Fundraiser: Yampa River 5 Days


Gary Wockner, PhD | Executive Director, Co-Founder, and Board Chair of Save the Colorado

Join Gary, an award-winning international environmental activist, writer and board member of Waterkeeper Alliance, on this unique Yampa River whitewater rafting trip to benefit Save the Colorado.  Gary co-founded the Save the Colorado River movement, which works to protect and restore the Colorado River and its tributaries, in 2010 with Belgium Brewing Company of Fort Collins, Colorado with backing from Patagonia and Clif Bar.

Gary Wockner
Gary Wockner at the oars

Save The Colorado focuses on fighting proposed dams and other irresponsible water projects, works to mitigate climate change, supports our waterways and fish species restoration, and removes outmoded dams and diversions. On this special departure, approximately 45% of your trip cost will go to supporting the organization.

Yampa River Rafting
Whitewater rafting through a set of jaunty rapids on the Yampa River

Born of melting snows and glaciers high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Yampa River is the last undammed tributary of the Colorado River system, and its free-flowing, untamed Class III and IV rapids flow through the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. In the spring the Yampa River offers sandy beaches, deep, colorful canyons, habitats for native plants and animals, and other splendid features of a river unfettered by man-made obstructions. There is also a hundred-year-old outlaw hideout called Stubs Cabin tucked away near the river!

Yampa River
Desert Varnish on the canyon walls of the Yampa River

Its location adds an intriguing archaeological element, and side hikes along the river reveal ancient fossils, prehistoric Native American ruins, and petroglyphs carved into cliff walls. All these treasures are encased in a strikingly beautiful river corridor where the tall, vertical walls are a canvas of yellow and red, sometimes dramatically streaked with jet-black coloration known as “desert varnish.” The most famous example of this unique occurrence is Tiger Wall, which according to legend must be kissed to ensure safe river passage through the remaining rapids.

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