San Juan River Hiker Mindfulness Retreat

Our mindfulness retreat with meditation teacher Heidi Bourne offers the perfect opportunity to take pause from daily life and develop a deep connection to yourself and the natural world.


Heidi Bourne is a meditation instructor in the Insight Meditation tradition and the founder of Pacific Mindfulness. She has taught since 2005, offering mindfulness courses, nature retreats and resiliency-focused professional programs. Heidi is especially interested in the integration of the teachings of awareness, ethics and compassion into the complexities of our everyday lives.


After a peaceful morning of meditation and mindfulness instruction, each day of the retreat includes Class II river rafting, contemplative hikes and delicious meals. At camp in the evenings, you’ll gather beside the river for a talk on mindfulness and a meditation session before setting into the silence of the night. Suitable for both new and seasoned practitioners, you’ll just need your curiosity and enthusiasm to enjoy this retreat.

The retreat takes place on our one-of-a-kind Utah hiking adventure on the majestic San Juan River. As you travel through an ancient geological corridor by raft, inflatable kayak and SUP, you can take part in ample hiking and encounter fascinating archeological sites. You’ll be treated to interpretive talks as you float by abundant Native American cliff dwellings, and pristine beaches provide the perfect setting for the delicious meals you’ll enjoy at camp.

Please note, there will be no red meat on the menu this trip. To encourage contemplative and mindful practices, this experience will be entirely alcohol and drug free.

The region’s spectacular hiking means you can explore the San Juan’s labyrinth of beautiful and surreal landscapes as you raft through its dramatic red rock walls. Heidi’s talks and instruction will help you connect with your fellow passengers as you share an incredible experience in the wilderness and deepen your connection with the natural space you’ll find yourself in.

Although the hikes along the San Juan River are generally easy to moderately challenging, trails can at times be steep, rocky and narrow with exposed sections. The hiking-focused itinerary is therefore not recommended for people who have a fear of heights or are under the age of 18 years.