Wine on the Snake River through Hells Canyon 5 Days


Chef Aaron Woo 

Chef Aaron Woo is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Greystone, and the California Culinary Academy, San Francisco. He is the owner/executive chef of a number of Portland restaurants. Although Aaron’s primary culinary creations are vegan-centric, he himself is not vegetarian, and revels in creating new menus using a variety of ingredients. Aaron focuses on seasonal availability, and all his restaurants are proudly farm-to-fork.

Chef Aaron Woo

Choice Oregon, Washington and Idaho wines will be thoughtfully paired and presented.


Hells Canyon, home of the mighty Snake River, is the deepest gorge in North America. Marking the border between Idaho and Oregon, Hells Canyon plunges to depths of nearly 8,000 feet between the Seven Devils range to the east and Oregon’s rim country to the west. Through this tremendous gorge, the warm, clear waters of the Snake River thunder through some of the most exciting, big-wave rapids in the Northwest; in calmer sections, the Snake serves up great fishing opportunities. Hells Canyon’s watery bliss is matched by its stunning rockscapes and the intriguing remnants of past inhabitants, both indigenous and transplanted, creating a rich river adventure that’s hard to beat.

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