Would Your Grandparents Do This?

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Would your grandparents do this?

Three generations of family raft the Lower Salmon together

This summer, a family separated by several states and three generations, met up for an unforgettable family vacation on the Gorges of the Lower Salmon in Idaho. There were 17 of them altogether, ranging from age 8 to 71. Afterward, we chatted with grandma and grandpa, Don and Eunice Albright, to find out what prompted this massive family adventure and hear how it went.

What triggered the idea of a family rafting trip?

Don: We did the San Juan River with OARS two years ago and we only had one of the families with us on that one. We had such a good time, and they enjoyed it so much, so we just set up another one.

And was there a specific reason for choosing the Lower Salmon?

Don: With all of the kids, and the wide range of ages, we had to pick something that wasn’t too fast and furious for the smaller kids, and the Lower Salmon fit perfect. It’s a great river.

Eunice: We had everything from Class II to Class III rapids so we covered everybody.

So tell me about the trip? Was it a good experience for everyone?

Don: It was a fantastic trip. First of all, it was just the right length and no one got tired of being in the raft. We had an excellent crew and they provided a lot of entertainment for the whole range of kids. Everyone is still talking about how much fun they had. It was really a highlight for their summer.

Eunice: And their life! The kids have never done anything like that before, most of them, and they said that it was one of the best things that ever happened to them.

Don: I don’t think there was one complaint about anything. Everyone just really enjoyed themselves.

What surprised you most about this family adventure?

Eunice: Some of these kids, even the adult kids, don’t see each other from year to year, and I tell you, everyone got together like they saw each other last weekend. They had so much fun together. They all interacted with each other like they see each other all the time and it was just a very warm, nice family situation.

Ducky fun on Main Salmon

What was some of the feedback from your family after the trip?

Eunice: It was the adventure of it. Most of them had never done anything like that. They really loved it. I think the feedback to us was, “Thanks for the great adventure.”

What have you taken away from this experience with your family?

Eunice: It was very worthwhile watching everyone together having such a good time. The fact that we had 10 of our grandkids together at one time, 17 of us together, meant a lot to Don and I.

Will you do it again?

Eunice: Oh sure. We’re looking at Oregon at the Rogue River.

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