The Ultimate Camping Experience

The Ultimate Camping Experience

Camping in comfort without all the work

Camping is a way for so many of us to unwind.  Yet, let’s be honest, it’s a ton of work for only a few days of outdoor bliss.

First, you have to hunt down all your gear, and make sure all the parts and pieces are in order.  Where the heck did you put the tent again?  Then you have to stock up on all the essentials for while you’re away (plenty of snacks, “adult refreshments,” S’mores fixings, and games, of course).  And finally, you have to figure out a way to cram it all into your car.  All that and you haven’t even arrived at your destination yet.

We all know what happens from there…the set-up.  Best if you arrive before dark, right?

A few days later it’s time to pack it all up again and bring your grimy gear home.  Which leads to about another week of post-camping bliss clean-up.

We’re with you though.  It’s so worth it.  We don’t mind all the work involved because we know all that packing, unpacking, and cleaning comes with big rewards.  Beautiful views, fresh air, great hikes, quality time with friends and family, good stories, campfires and so much more.

But what if it didn’t have to be like that?    What if somebody else did all the heavy lifting for you while you just kicked back and relaxed?

Finding a remote campsite away from “neighbors” of any kind?  Check.

Packing and unpacking all the gear?  Check.

Bringing along all the comforts of your kitchen, living room AND bathroom?  Check.

Cooking all your meals?  Check.

Well, let’s just say that it’s a very real possibility…

Check out the ultimate campsite infographic below or view the full-size version here:  The OARS Camping Experience.



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