8 Beautiful Places You Can Only See in Pictures This Week

8 Beautiful Places You Can Only See in Pictures This Week

How the Government Shutdown is Affecting Our National Parks

It doesn’t seem possible that all 401 of our national parks could be closed at once.  But that’s exactly the scenario that has been playing out this week thanks to the government shutdown.  Gates are closed, roads are blocked and anyone who was already visiting or staying at any of the parks’ campgrounds or lodges as of Tuesday had 48 hours to leave.

What exactly does this all mean?  Vacation plans are being ruined, small communities that serve as the gateways to these national treasures are suffering, and our most revered natural spaces are off-limits to all of us.  Seriously?

While we wait for Congress to sort things out, here’s your chance to enjoy a few of the beautiful places that, unfortunately, we can only see in pictures this week…

Think these park closures are as ridiculous as we do? Then be an advocate for the parks today and tell your senators and representatives to not only re-open our national parks, but fund them adequately.  


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