Finca Vigía with Filmmaker Justin Clifton – Cuba Travelogue Part 2

Join filmmaker and journalist Justin Clifton as he takes viewers to Finca Vigía in part two of a three-part Cuba travelogue series.

In the 1950s, Cuba was a hub of activity and the playground for the rich and famous of the United States. Chief among them was the American writer, Ernest Hemingway, who famously inhabited the island and kept a fairly high profile at local watering holes. His home in the hills outside of Havana has been preserved as a life sized diorama, providing a glimpse inside the writer’s mind and his day-to-day life in Cuba. 

Cuba Adventure Beyond Havana with Filmmaker Justin Clifton – Travelogue Part 2

After the Cuban revolution, however, this flamboyant lifestyle came to a screeching halt. Miraculously, the Cuban government chose to leave the writer’s home intact after his death in 1961, and today Finca Vigía is the most popular museum on the island.

While we weren’t allowed inside the home, we did get a chance to peek inside the windows and imagine what it would have been like to be a guest in this mountain retreat. Wandering around the grounds, you could still feel the glamour of the place and imagine a time, long ago, when Hemingway, himself, would wander the halls and lounge by the pool.

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