Even Camping Skeptics Will Love This Experience

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What if there was a way to turn everything you’ve ever thought about camping on its heels? What if camping could be comfortable, easy, and dare we say, almost luxurious? Because if you ask us, that’s the magic of camping on a river trip. If you love the outdoors, but not camping, hear us out… 

Camp Magic: Who Knew Camping Could Be Like This?

Camp site along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Private Camps

It’s hard to come by a truly remote and pristine wilderness campsite on ReserveAmerica. There’s also nothing more disappointing than showing up to a campground and having to cope with an inconsiderate neighbor. But when you float down a wild river to get to your site, there’s a 99.9% chance that not only will you not have to share, but there will be nobody else in sight.

A Room with a View

It doesn’t matter where you pitch your tent, because at riverside camps there’s nothing but awe-inspiring landscapes in every direction—sheer canyon walls, verdant pine forests, and rugged mountains stretching to the sky. As night falls, you’ll realize you’ve never seen so many stars in your life or the Milky Way so vivid. And instead of the sound of generators as you doze off, Mother Nature’s dream machine will lull you to sleep.

Multi-day river trips: Comfortable camping does exist

Comfortable Camping

The creature comforts that can be brought along on river trips is next level. Deep in the wild, you’ll have a full kitchen, including actual dishes and silverware, as well as discreet bathroom accommodations. Your “room with a view” will be set-up with a 3-inch thick sleeping pad, sheets, and pillows. Chairs, games, and well-stocked coolers filled with icy cold beverages and fresh foods? It all comes with. The best part? You don’t have to pack or think about any of it. 

Camp Feasts Minus the Fuss

When you consider all the menu planning and effort it takes to pull off cooking in the wild, it’s no wonder some people give up on camping all together. But what if you could wipe your hands clean of this duty? If somebody else did the cooking—over-the-top meals like steak and mashed potatoes, chicken fajitas with homemade salsa and guacamole, or Dutch oven lasagna—while you read a book, play bocce on the beach or spend quality time with friends and family? 

Camp time on a Lower Salmon whitewater rafting trip in Idaho

WiFi-Free Zone

WiFi-free campgrounds are vanishing. Sure, you can turn off your phone and stash it away for a few days, but camping in a wild river canyon eliminates the temptation all together and lets you go truly off the grid. There’s no cell service, no data, no emails. Out there, you’re on river time and the only thing that matters is the people you’re with.

Awe-mazing Wilderness Access

It’s often the awe-inspiring moments people have when they’re out in nature that make them fall in love with camping. On outfitted river trips, which give you a backstage pass to remote areas of our national parks and other wild places few people see, those moments are frequent. It’s watching a sunset illuminate the canyon walls, showering underneath a waterfall, or scrambling into a hidden slot canyon—magical little experiences that stick with you for a lifetime.

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