7 Reasons to Make the Leap to a Multi-day Whitewater Rafting Trip

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7 Reasons to Make the Leap to a Multi-day Whitewater Rafting Trip

So, You’ve Been Whitewater Rafting…

You’ve spent an entire day plowing through rapids, had a blast, gotten your adrenaline fix, and returned home with another adventure under your belt. And maybe you thought that one-day whitewater rafting trip and all the splashy fun you had was as good as it gets. But it’s just the beginning. Trust us. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think you’re going to want to make the leap to a multi-day river trip…

1) Access to the backcountry without breaking your back.

You can strap a 50-pound pack on your back and hike for days to reach true wilderness, or you can strap on a lifejacket and hop on a raft or a dory. From camp, you’ll have plenty of time to hike (without the pack) and explore side canyons, waterfalls, historic sites and scenic overlooks.

2) No electronic devices.

Finally, you can be completely unplugged. No cell phones, tablets, computers, or anything else that has a cord or requires a signal for that matter. This means exactly what you think it means… True vacation. And yes, you will have plenty of time to dive into that book you’ve been meaning to read for months now.


3) Effortless camping.

For once, you don’t have to spend a week digging equipment out of the garage. You don’t need to unpack the tent before you go to make sure all the pieces are still there or pack all your food into coolers. We bring all the gear and the food so you don’t have to. Chairs, tents, cozy sleeping bags, pillows heck, even a full-on kitchen. On top of that, when we get to camp (which is routinely the best darn campsite you’ve ever laid eyes on) you can sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy your vacation while we do all the work.

4) Sleep has never been so good.

There’s your bed at home and then there’s your bed on the river. We already mentioned those cozy sleeping bags and pillows we bring along. But we didn’t say anything about the sheets and ultra-thick sleeping pads that you’ll get too. Lay all that out in a roomy tent on a sandy beach, add the sound of a rushing river, and want to take a guess as to which “bed” will give you the most blissful sleep you’ve ever had?

5) Somebody else is in charge of dinner duty (and breakfast and lunch too).

You could say it’s like traveling with your very own team of personal chefs. Only at the end of the day, your team of personal chefs—who just threw together an incredible riverside meal—are your mates, your resident astronomers, musicians and glow-bocce referees. So that’s basically the kind of pampering and entertainment you’d expect on a cruise ship, minus being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean…

Yampa river rafting

6) Star-filled skies.

Can you remember the last time you saw the purple wisps of the Milky Way? Only happens when you’re in a true wilderness. Oh, and watching the sun set below the canyon walls as the sky shifts from bright blue to hues of red and orange is pretty sweet too.

7) Lifelong memories.

A multi-day whitewater rafting trip is the vacation that you’ll be talking about for years to come with your family and friends. After all, a river vacation is so much more than just rafting…and that’s probably the best reason of all why you should make the leap from a day trip to a multi-day river trip.

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