How Adventure Makes Poets Of Us All

Jul 30, 2012

How Adventure Makes Poets Of Us All

If you’ve been touched by wilderness, you’ve probably had some pretty pithy realizations.

If you’ve felt the surge of adrenaline that comes with outdoor adventure, and then rehashed those memories with the friends you shared it with around a campfire later that evening, there were likely some epiphanies articulated.

Rogue DuckiesSometimes, those joyful expressions find their form in verse.

One of our repeat guests, Lee Marc Stein, was so moved. After a trip on Oregon’s Rogue River, Lee shared this one with us.



By Lee Marc Stein
On the Rogue, kayak flipped, white water
swirls away my world of words,
rapids carve sentences into raw sensations.
I become one with folds upon folds
of the current, with spawning steelheads,
lurching logs, boulders embossed with moss.
Ashore, I store infinite pines in my memory,
cherish the rocky poison-oaked trails
to hidden icy ponds and waterfalls.
After resourceful dinners, kidsplay, smiling talk,
stars stare down, light my serenity,
lead me into mornings dewy with excitement.


Now, that is good stuff.

Nice work, Lee.

Steve Markle
Steve is the Director of Sales & Marketing for the O.A.R.S. Family of Companies and a Leave No Trace Master Educator. His passion for conservation and adventure has helped align the company with dozens of environmental organizations and strategic partners worldwide, which has helped the company achieve measurable and sustainable growth during his tenure. Steve has been traveling rivers with O.A.R.S. for more than 12 years. He lives with his wife Nichole and their son Preston in the Sierra Foothills overlooking the Stanislaus River Canyon.
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