5 Things You’ll Miss After a River Trip

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River trip through Westwater Canyon | Photo: James Kaiser

If you’ve ever been on a river trip, then you’re all too familiar with that sinking feeling you get when it’s time to return to the “real world.” Sure, you are excited to catch up with family and friends, and you are definitely looking forward to a nice warm shower, but nobody is ever quite ready for the trip to be over, right?

And for those who have never been, we’d love to tell you that it’s easy to jump right back into reality after being on the river for a few days (or weeks!), but we’d be lying. Because the experiences you have on a rafting trip tend to linger. Here are five things you’ll probably miss the most…

The view

Every part of your routine on the river provides spectacular scenery. The daily commute leaves you speechless as your raft rounds each bend in the canyon.  The dining room boasts beachfront property that could easily grace the cover of Sunset Magazine. Goodness, even the groover offers an exquisite viewing platform for a riverside sunset. Nothing can compare.

Main Salmon River Rafting

Looking like an utter mess, but realizing nobody cares

If there is one thing the river is not, it’s fashionable. You can wear whatever you want and no one will give you a second glance. In fact, the more ridiculous you look, the better. We’re talking crazy patterns, greasy hair and make-up free or scruffy faces. And extra gold stars to those of you who brought costumes! Don’t believe me? Here’s the definitive guide to river trip fashion.

Going off-grid

This will probably be what you miss the most. You’re constantly bombarded by non-stop emails, text messages and phone calls. Even on your days off, you seem to always be working. You miss raw human connection and the river delights you with authentic interactions. Before you know it, there is a humongous weight lifted off your shoulders and you shudder at the thought of turning your cell phone back on when you return to dry land because you’ve just had the ultimate smartphone detox.

Falling asleep under the stars

There is nothing better than laying your weary head down and watching the night sky gradually expose the sparkling universe. You feel so small in comparison but also connected. Connected to the trees and mountains that create a perfect stage for your inspiration-induced dreaming. Connected to the river, whose rapids sing you a lullaby each night. And most importantly, connected to your new rafting companions.

Rogue River Trip | Photo: James Kaiser

The freedom to just BE

You don’t have to worry about cooking dinner, carpooling, cleaning, shopping or finding a date-night sitter. Your guides are there to make your life easier and they quickly assure you that this is your vacation and you better relax…or else! On the river, there’s only one thing you have to do, and that’s to fully enjoy every single moment.

So when you’re back home in the thick of it, just remember that the river will always be there to welcome you back whenever you need it.

What do you miss most after a river trip? Share in the comments below.

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