Lilly Daiber

Where did you grow up?

Goshen, Massassachusetts

Where do you call home now?

Massassachusetts, Oregon and Havana, Cuba

Year started at OARS?


What’s the best part of your job?

Hanging out with some of the best people I have ever met in the wilderness! My co-workers and the power of the river is why I never want to leave. I love playing in the river! Fun patrol is my #1 favorite job. Jump rocks, rapid swimming, butt darts and exploring…

Tell us about your favorite rapid, hike or camp and what makes it special

My favorite rapid is Mule Creek Canyon. It’s our longest rapid and when the walls of the canyon surrounded you nothing else in the world exists. My favorite camp spot is Clay Hill. My best memories are at that camp. Its a secret gem if you know how to take full advantage of the camp. Jump rock, swimmers rapid, play hole, moon rock.. its got it all!

Do you have a lucky charm or special river tradition?

I wear my most craziest leggings and the same shirt every blossom day. The same shirt and leggings every trip for the past 2 seasons. I’m willing to explore new wardrobe options soonish.

What can you not live without on a trip?

My toothbrush. (forgot that on a 4 day)

Fun fact, special talent or favorite guiding memory

I’m an artist