Cortney Bayuk

Professional River Guide
Where did you grow up?

San Diego, California

Where do you call home now?

McCall, Idaho

Year started at OARS?


What’s the best part of your job?

Being outside everyday and sharing my passion with people.

Tell us about your favorite rapid, hike or camp and what makes it special

My favorite hike is Rippling Brook on the Green River Gates of Lodore because of the views you get looking back onto the river and we always do a reading at the top.

Do you have a lucky charm or special river tradition?

I don’t actually haha I haven’t found any one thing yet.

What can you not live without on a trip?

A good sleep kit. I can deal without most things for one trip, but if I’m not sleeping well at night because I don’t have my full sleep kit I’m not very fun.

Fun fact, special talent or favorite guiding memory

Fun fact: I fall down a lot, but I’m a quick recover because of it.