OARS Partners With Leading Social Media Agency To Launch Web Magazine

River Currents’ Documents Joy And Jocularity Of Wilderness Adventures

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ANGELS CAMP, CA, June 19, 2012 — There are tips and truths about adventure travel you might not have known you needed to know in the first place.

Why are women better rafting paddlers than men?

What are the 5 weird tan lines you should actually be proud of?

Which beer is best served with whitewater?

These questions are borrowed from headlines of River Currents, a travel blog recently launched by veteran whitewater rafting outfitter, OARS, in partnership with social media marketing agency WELD.

In addition to depicting the delightfully odd side of outdoor adventures and stunning photography, the online magazine documents pioneers in the outdoor industry, the magic of diverse destinations such as those found in our national parks, as well as pressing environmental issues.

A recent post detailed the announcement of the addition of Utah’s Green River to the country’s Most Endangered Rivers list, for example.

“We’ve learned a lot about adventure travel in 40-plus years of taking people to wild places,” said Steve Markle, marketing director for the OARS Family of Companies. “This is a great new platform for sharing that insight and showing a global audience why these places are worth visiting.”

Award-winning writers and photographers from news, travel and outdoor publications regularly join OARS expeditions to tell the story of their visits to places such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and the Galapagos Islands. Rounding out the content, which is rich in travel advice & inspiration with a touch of humor, acclaimed travel writer Kevin Fedarko contributes a story about his infatuation with dories in the Grand Canyon while writer Cynthia Barnes recounts her experience hiking and sea kayaking in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Blogger Kristin Mastre’s narrative of her first-time rafting experience on Oregon’s Rogue River offers readers a glimpse of the trepidation and transformation that many reluctant rafters must feel on their maiden voyage.

The launch of the new River Currents blog follows on the heels of the 2012 OARS catalog, a content-rich, magazine-style publication that bucks the conventions of the traditional travel catalog and captures the culture and evocative nature of the OARS experience. “We have a lot to share about the experiences we offer and a cast of talented storytellers working with us,” said Markle. “River Currents gives us a platform to reach far more travelers with meaningful content.”

WELD designed and developed the web application powering the new publication and also produces content for it. With offices in Utah and West Virginia, the agency is focused on helping outdoor industry brands grow, engage and monetize their social media user base. WELD’s clients currently include the Boy Scouts of America and Yakima Products, in addition to outfitters such as OARS.

“The stories OARS guides and customers tell are inspiring, they’re about transformation and a zest for life. These fresh perspectives shared on River Currents resonate with people even if they haven’t been on an adventure like this,” said George Rogers, managing partner at WELD.

“We believe the more people have these experiences, the better off the world is,” Rogers said. “We’ve created a platform that beautifully presents the reasons someone might give it a try and make it easy for them to share the idea with their friends and family.”

River Currents publishes every Monday and Friday. The stories are accessible via mobile devices and desktop web browsers, as well as available via RSS.

About OARS.
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WELD has become a national leader in marketing adventure travel and outdoor brands. The company’s work is guided by a belief that adventure, adrenaline and wild places enrich lives and change people for the better. WELD has offices in both Oak Hill, WV, and Salt Lake City, UT.

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