OARS, one of the most respected outfitters in adventure travel, is seeking a full-time, seasonal Regional Manager for our Oregon operation in Grants Pass, OR.


The Oregon Regional Manager is responsible for the orderly operation of all trips originating from the Oregon operation, while maintaining the highest standards for safe trips and guest satisfaction. The Regional Manager, as a member of the management team, is responsible for maintaining effective communication between upper management, and the Angels Camp office in general, and the guides and other operational staff.


The Regional Manager reports to the OARS President and will work on-site at the Grants Pass warehouse and rivers for put-in and take-out days. The Regional Manager is the direct supervisor for supporting managers and all guides, drivers and food packers, overseeing the scheduling for all staff performing duties related to the operation of trips originating from the warehouse and is responsible for overseeing maintenance and management of the warehouse facilities, including all basic property management.


Personnel Management and Scheduling

  • Hiring
  • Scheduling
  • Training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employment Paperwork
  • Communicate company policy, with a focus on the highest levels of professionalism and customer service
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date employee files and training logs, with regular performance reviews
  • Strive to maintain a workplace free from any and all forms of harassment and unhealthy and/or illegal substance abuse.
  • Maintain guide and driver morale


  • Read and respond to email within 72 hours
  • Schedule put-in and take-out arrangements
  • Oversee Assistant Manager in charge of food packs
  • Oversee rigs and de-rigs
  • Pre and Post Trip debriefing
  • Oversee guest check-in for all trips or delegate to responsible party
  • Approve and comment on Trip Leader Reports
  • Maintain files on all accident and incident reports
  • Follow up with injured guests
  • Available 24 hours per day while trips are on the water for emergency communication, or delegate to supporting manager
  • Communication with vendors and managing agencies with an in-depth awareness of permit issues and compliance requirements, participation in periodic check-in, agency meetings and inspections
  • Knowledge of environmental programs, including the Environmental Management Plan, waste management, fuel spill protocol, gastrointestinal illness investigation and reporting, and Leave No Trace training
  • Warehouse oversight; hire and schedule for all necessary warehouse work
  • Oversee other employees who may be responsible for annual equipment inventory, allocation of
    equipment for each trip, equipment maintenance, pre-trip equipment and vehicle inspections, damaged equipment protocol and oversight repairs, oversee end-of-season maintenance, vehicle maintenance (including trailers), arrange for 3rd party repairs when needed, maintain a clean and safe warehouse,
    knowledge and implementation of OSHA requirements including Safety Data Sheets, implement Warehouse Safety Training Program, Hazardous Chemical Communication Plan, Warehouse security and grounds and building maintenance

Communication with Angels Camp Main Office and Regional Operations

  • Weekly updates in-season safety training documentation, review, approve and comment on Trip Leader reports, client resolution, accident/incident reporting, submission of annual inventory and equipment requests, attend manager meetings, cost analysis, present ideas for improvements
  • In collaboration with Assistant Manager to perform payroll, timely submission of all receipts and expense reports, allocate costs between trips, manage local bank checking account, work within reasonable budgetary limitations
  • In collaboration with the HR Director to complete employment paperwork, background checks, report of injuries and management of Workers Comp claims, training requirements, policy distribution
  • In collaboration with supporting managers; water level and other environmental conditions
    communicated to reservations team, Trip Roster review, manage trip no-shows, vigilant collection of all
    Assumption of Risk forms gathered by the TL, trip literature updates, special trip requests
  • In collaboration with OARS Regional Managers regarding equipment needs, guide and baggage boater scheduling and exchanges, sharing best practices
  • In collaboration with Risk Management regarding Risk Management Plan, Emergency Action Plan, oversee all safety training, including on-the-job, warehouse and vehicles, interpretative and safety training programs, training trips, maintain training logs and evaluations, maintain trip libraries and safety protocols, ensure guides possess high levels of interpretive knowledge, maintain annual required
  • Oversee vehicles, including implementing vehicle safety training program, maintenance, inspections and arrange for repairs



  • Strong operational experience in the industry
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Broad knowledge about outfitting multi-day river trips
  • Capability for strategic decision-making
  • Experience managing a team of employees of various levels of experience and background, driving culture through those employees and departments
  • Experience in time management and seasonal planning
  • A visible, proactive, personally involved leader with organizational management background, demonstrated ability to delegate is required
  • Office skills include; organization, filling, documentation, computer skills (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Google, Tour Tools)



  • Physical Demands
  • Ability to work long days performing all duties of a professional river guide.
  • Long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers, which can cause muscle strain.
  • Heavy lifting of boating equipment and warehouse supplies.
  • Extreme weather, ranging from winter-like conditions, to very hot temperatures during the summer months
  • Scheduled and unscheduled meetings with employees are customary.
  • Stressful working conditions due to potential extreme weather and river conditions, changes to schedules, evacuations.



  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • 401k after 1 year of employment
  • Monthly cell phone reimbursement for the term of the season
  • Friends and Family Discounts on OARS trips
  • Access to Pro Deals
  • OARS Swag

This position is Exempt.


Interested candidates may submit a resume and cover letter detailing their interest in this position, as well as personal and employer references by email to: jobs@oars.com with a subject line of “Oregon Regional Manager.” No phone calls please. Application deadline: October 15, 2021.