Roger Dale

Leave no Trace
Nickname: My brother Regan calls me “Big Ride Rog”
Guide For: Grand Canyon
Hometown: Ignacio, CO
Favorite Food: Fish tacos
Favorite Music: Neil Young
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: The quality of the guides I get to work with.
Greatest Memory: Sitting at the Nankoweep ruins watching it rain when a double rainbow arched over the Nankoweep Delta.
Other Hobbies: Kayaking, skiing, mountain biking and gardening
Special Talents: Glass blowing for the last 30 years.
Time with O.A.R.S.: Since 1980

After more than 120 trips, Roger knows the ways of the canyon. He’s a boatman’s boatman. He says his motto is “Work hard, play harder,” so it might surprise you to learn that he’s also a master of the delicate art of blowing glass.

Quotable – “Every river trip is different. Every client is a new relationship.”

When Roger is not rowing a Dory through the Grand Canyon, he can be found creating colorful, contemporary fine art glass in his studio located in southern Colorado.