Cindy Dale

Nickname: Cindell
Guide For: Grand Canyon
Hometown: Ignacio, CO
Favorite Food: Fruits of all kinds
Favorite Music: David Gray
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: Creating a community where a group of strangers enter into the wilderness and develop a sense of family
Greatest Memory: I must say that I get the greatest kick out of wearing my inflatable Sumo wrestling costume and leg wrestling our passengers. You just have to be there!
Other Hobbies: My hands are in a lot of "cookie jars" I teach 248 students in a K-3 elementary school quality, daily physical education and health. My favorite teaching tool is the school garden! My favorite tool at home is my tractor "Gus" Roger and I farm 22 acres out here in SW Colorado. In the winter I am a glass blower after I teach all day! I have a great life with my husband Roger Dale...
Special Talents: Roger and I run a glass blowing studio called Dalestudios and I love gardening and ranching organic grass fed beef. My bull's name is Bubba and he loves to be scratched with the metal rake.
Time as a Guide: My first trip was in 1983 as a 19 year old. I held the longest position as a cook for Grand Canyon Dories, 10 years, I my first guide trip was in 1993 for OARS.
Time with O.A.R.S.: In 1984 I started cooking for Grand Canyon Dories when Martin Linton was the owner!

Guide for: Grand Canyon

"I truly enjoy a moment at the end of the day in which the sun fades away off the rim of the canyon. It is usually dinner time so I like to ask for a moment of silence. This gives our small community time to reflect on the day and an opportunity to listen to The Canyon's heartbeat. The 'moment of silence' seems to be what touches those who embrace it. In our world of constant motion, noise pollution and small talk we sometimes forget to listen to the natural world." The woman behind these reflections is Cindell Dale, or Dellie as she is affectionately called, a 21-year veteran of the Grand Canyon, as well as wife and artistic partner of Roger Dale. When the two of them are not guiding Dories through The Canyon, they can be found on their 22-acre property in Colorado or telemark skiing in the gorgeous backcountry that surrounds their home.