Bram Role

Nickname: Bramble
Guide For: Colorado, Grand Canyon, Idaho, Utah
Hometown: Lewiston, ID
Favorite Food: Anything with tortillas
Favorite Music: Acoustic
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: Watching folks react to stunning natural beauty
Greatest Memory: Shadow Puppetry on the Main Salmon
Other Hobbies: Playing in the mountains
Special Talents: A bit of Pickin' on a Guitar
Time with O.A.R.S.: Started guiding for us in 1997

A native of Idaho, like the Westslope Cutthroat Trout, Bram says he thrives in the state’s “clear mountain-fed rivers.”

Quotable – “Every river displays its own unique splendor and sings its own special sweet songs." Speaking of songs, Bram is one of the featured performers on the O.A.R.S. DVD soundtrack.