Carly Boyden

Guide For: Oregon
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite Food: Stir-fry
Favorite Music: 90's rock
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: Watching the transformation of our guests over the span of a trip. The river is a magical place and I love being able to share its beauty!
Greatest Memory: I was playing a game in an eddy at camp with all our youngsters. Each child got to pick an animal to imitate while floating downstream. Most of the kids chose something like a shark or fish, but the last little girl in line said "let's be raisins!" The innocence of childhood is a priceless thing!
Other Hobbies: Soccer, running, traveling and anything water related!
Special Talents: I've mastered the art of carving pineapple boats
Time with O.A.R.S.: Since 2012