San Juan Stars and Guitars

Join OARS guides Peter Lefebvre and Dave Garcia for an exploration of the heavens on Utah’s San Juan River. Pete and Dave—both talented musicians and astronomy enthusiasts—will take you on an entertaining and enriching deep dive into the star-filled universe that glides silently above the canyon walls, undiminished by urban light pollution.

The San Juan River in southeastern Utah offers the ultimate outdoor family vacation with easy paddling and hiking. The river is a place of surreal beauty and combines a relaxing float trip livened up by fun Class II rapids. A bottomless archeological treasure chest, this area encases numerous remnants of ancient civilizations including vivid pictographs and petroglyphs, Ancestral Puebloan ruins, and Moki Steps–carved into near-vertical sandstone over 800 years ago. The San Juan is an enormous natural museum locked within a labyrinth of dramatic red rock canyons.

Things to know:

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