Australia: Off the Beaten Track 16 Days


Carrie and Jeffe Aronson

On this ‘Off the Beaten Track’ Australia adventure vacation we’ll get up close and personal with the wildlife: kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and the myriad of incredible birds. We’ll explore the engaging history of the hard-working, hard-living early pioneers and meet the local people and learn how they’ve adapted their lives in one of the most remote environments in Australia.

Wallaby in Australia
A guest feeding a wallaby from her hand on this Australia adventure vacation


We’ll visit numerous National Parks, share meals with local folk and stay in a variety of lodging including off-grid cabins. We’ll also camp three nights on the Snowy River as we leisurely raft through the Snowy River National Park with just the right spice of whitewater in the Tulloch Ard Gorge.

Whitewater rafting on the Snowy River in Australia
Australia whitewater rafting on the Class III-V+ Snowy River 


The opportunity for wildlife viewing on this Australia adventure vacation is endless. For the active folk in our group the trip also has hiking, fishing, bicycling, horseback riding and canoeing options – and for those who’ve always wondered what sharing 9 holes with kangaroos might be like, we can arrange a game of golf at a local golf course.  It’s definitely a unique itinerary with flexibility and room for spontaneous and unexpected encounters.

Beach Fishing in Australia
Fishing on 90-Mile Beach in Australia
Things to know: Before You Go


Guests on this Australia adventure vacation have been saying…

“It was worth traveling half way round the world for this trip.” Read more...

“Thank you for a truly memorable, interesting and fun trip! We had a wonderful time. Your experience, careful planning, and personal attention were largely the reason. We are going home reluctantly, but with many memories of a great Australian experience, and new friendships. It was a special treat for you to welcome us into your home, and to share so much of yourselves and your experiences. We feel honored to have been privileged to get to know you. Thank you.”
Tom and Julie Brantley

“We really enjoyed our Off the Beaten Track adventure. Thanks so much for your amazing work putting this trip together. We certainly experienced part of Australia that we never would have had the opportunity to see. It is difficult to pick the most awesome experience by day no less by trip. Please let us know if you are in the Seattle or New York area, if you have time, we’ll be happy to show you some of our favorite places. Thank you so much for sharing your little bit of paradise with us. Incredible beauty, peace, community and caring. It was a treat to be a part of it for a short time. I hope that our paths cross again.”
Brad and Fran Walters

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We’ve truly loved this trip. What lovely and truly “off the beaten path” places we had the privilege of visiting and learning about – this has been both spectacular and inviting. We felt like family as you introduced your friends and open your lovely home to us! Bob and I think that the Blue Duck was perfect for us – Bob even loved the river – yahoo! Please come back to Flag knowing that you have more friends. Our home is always open to you all. Dinner at our house when you get back to Az! Please stay in touch. ”
Bob and Jana White

“We loved this trip! Thank you very much for taking us off the beaten path. Carrie, Jeffe and Arby – you three took such great care of us and all the others. We noticed you noticing us, anticipating our needs – keeping us fed , providing wonderful stops, tours, great local people. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort goes into making this trip a success. So our heartfelt appreciation to you all.”
Melinda Hathaway

“You guys are awesome. This was a trip of a lifetime and you 3 made it all possible. It was a trip that we will remember a lifetime, which for me is getting shorter  I know it was hard work. I could see the fatigue and exhaustion but you guys kept right on going, plowing thru. You would have made great marines!!! Life’s journey takes many paths and I do so very much hope our paths will cross again some day in time. Thank you again for a wonderful trip and for the effort and commitment and dedication it took to make it such a huge success. Come and see us in California.”
Virgil Hathaway

“Thank you for this splendid, friendly, well-organized Australian experience. None of us would have planned such a varied experience by ourselves. But it is more than the itinerary. You both have so much experience and skill at all the issues a large group of diverse people bring with them – and you seem to finesse them with ease. I hope you continue guiding and organizing trips for many years.”
Tom Drake

“Thank you so much for your kindness and your organizational skills. And for lovingly planning this tour and taking such good care of us. And for sharing your wonderful home and especially your friends with us.”
Leslie Walters

“It was worth traveling half way round the world for this trip. Great guides, great itinerary, great logistics.”
Tom Boudreau

“Bonnie, Ivy and I had so much fun. We would like to thank you, Jeffe and Arby for all of your planning and hard work.  What I would tell folks contemplating this trip in the future is that visiting a foreign country with locals is incomparable to tackling it on your own.  We went to places that a tourist stumbling around could never hope to discover. Trip Advisor, Lost Planet, whatever, it would never compare. Just to name a few specific examples: the BBQ on 90-Mile Beach, the hoedown at Karoonda Park after the rafting trip, and the meals at Gapsted Winery, Nullamungie Olive Grove, Tess and Graham’s incredible home and your fabulous home were beyond belief. The Snowy River was so much fun, and the jeep ride straight up the “untidy” road at the pull out was enough to evoke screams of terrified delight. Also, the accommodations were chosen with such care. Wattle Point was completely awesome with the kangas greeting us each morning. The Alto in Melbourne was just great, and we completely loved the Bundara Cabins at Angler’s Rest.

You have perched your home over such a gorgeous river. Probably the most important point I would like to make is how you integrated locals, your friends, into the trip at almost every stop. Glorious folks who allowed us to understand the best natural resource of Australia, its friendly, outgoing countrymen. You have given us memories we will treasure for life, and we cannot wait until the next new adventure you put together. Sign us up!”
Peter Guild and Bonnie Gordon

“I’ve been on a lot of trips around the world during my lifetime, but never have I felt so looked after, so cared for as I have on this one”,  I have admired Jeffe since our first trip together and having met Arby on a similarly previous trip down the Colorado, I was impressed with him and enjoyed being with him again on this trip. And you [Carrie] are wonderful! You are obviously the glue that holds these things together! I deeply admire the way you, Jeffe and Arby put this thing together and there is nothing I would want to do differently. Our time at your place was very pleasing and every place else we visited was equally satisfying. To be fair, it reminded me of my life on a ranch in Oklahoma 70 years ago: no electricity, no automobile, wood-fired stoves, coal-oil lamps and travel to the school bus every morning (in bitterly cold weather) on a horse – 2.6 miles to the road. The journey down the Snowy River was fantastic!

I’ve had a number of questions from people about what this was like and it is difficult to provide them with a satisfactory answer except to say it was unique and wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed every location, activity, and person on this excursion! You all did a great job!”
Jim Jones

“You know how much we enjoyed the trip and how great it was to be with the Aussies. I would not change anything about the trip!  Meeting the local people and seeing parts of Australia that most Australians never see, literally off the beaten path, was a once in a lifetime experience. The obvious care and planning you took to assure we went to the right restaurant or had the best place to stay was unbelievable.  Your attention to all the possible outcomes and details made the trip seamless.  You obviously love what you do and it seems to be the perfect job for you although I think it is more a passion than a job.”
Barbara Hawkes

“The reason I decided to go on this Australia adventure vacation was the wide spectrum of activities, which in fact was the most enjoyable. From a walking tour of Melbourne to rafting the Snowy River, the trip was everything I had hoped for. Carrie, Jeffe, & Ian were professional and knowledgeable, but at the same time were very caring, helpful, and friendly. The enormous amount of background work that Carrie did in designing the trip definitely showed in the end product – a success in all aspects. The ever-smiling Carrie was always working toward making the trip the best experience for everyone. The ultimate trip leader.”
Boyd Wylie

“Rafting the Snowy River was my favorite part of the trip. It was my first time rafting and I felt safe and as though I could trust my river guides completely. I also loved visiting all the small towns, because it meant really getting to meet and spend time with locals.  Carrie, Jeffe, and Arby are amazing at what they do and I hope to adventure with them again.”
Ivy Guild

“Carrie, Jeffe and Arby were such warm and welcoming people. We couldn’t have asked for better trip leaders. They literally took us into their lives, sharing their homes, friends, activities, etc. No other trip we have gone on has been so personal, and we loved it. Carrie is a master organizer, who managed to keep us all (relatively) on time without making us feel like we were on military maneuvers. Loved having choices about what to do while we were at their house, although the fish in the river had nothing to fear from our fly fishing efforts”.
Pam Crane

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