Why Women Need to Get Outdoors With Other Women

There’s nothing like a much needed girls trip to recharge the batteries and spend some quality time with friends. And for us gals who prefer a hiking trip over a day at the spa, there’s nothing better than an active adventure that allows us to get outdoors, get our heart rate up, and get caught up with our friends at the same time. Here’s why…

Why Women Need to Get Outdoors With Other Women

We let loose.

When just the gals get together for outdoor activities, we let our hair down. Or rather, we pull it up and don’t give it a second thought. We don’t just laugh, we guffaw. We hoot. We holler. We leave the daintiness at home along with the blow dryer and hairbrush. There’s something about getting a group of ladies together that encourages us to embrace the outdoors and our female “chi.” I know, it sounds like real “Kumbaya” nonsense, but you have to admit, you know what I’m talking about.

We take more risks.

When we get outdoors with our gals, we are empowered to go further, try harder and take more risks. We support each other. We cheer each other on. Competition takes a backseat and shouts of, “You can do it!” and “Yeah girl!” fill the air, rather than judgment and critical comments. We’re more likely to risk failure and looking like a fool, knowing that our friends will have our backs.

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We re-energize each other.

When we get done with a trip with our girls we feel ready to take on the world. Our confidence is running high and we’re inspired to try new things and take on new challenges. Sitting around the campfire telling stories, we check out from the stresses of our everyday lives, and simply enjoy the presence of our friends and our surroundings. The reset button is reset, and we head back into the world refreshed and revitalized.

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