Top Travel Destinations of 2013

Top Travel Destinations of 2013

Where do you want to travel this year? The New York Times recently featured the article, “46 Places to Go in 2013,” which caught our eye. Their lengthy list of top travel destinations included locales like Bhutan, an off-the-beaten path ecotourism destination with magical rivers, national parks and Buddhist temples, as well as places close to home like Jackson Hole, WY, the gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

But their list got us thinking. What are our picks for top travel destinations this year?  So we threw the question out there to a few of our world-traveling guides and here’s what they said (no surprises here that most of their picks revolve around rafting):

“I would go to Nepal, and New Zealand. I’ve done a lot of rivers all over the world over nearly 40 years of boating, but for some strange reason hadn’t yet heard about the Tamur and Kanarli. I’m really keen to hike four days into a super remote Class IV river, see Everest and the Himal along the way, then go down a pristine river so far away from anything that if you went any farther, you’d be coming back!” ~Jeffe Aronson

“Regan and I are going back to do both the Rogue River (which is very unusual and technically fun whitewater). And the Tatshenshini in Alaska. Once is just not enough!” ~Ote Dale


“I’d like to go to Suriname. Because there are rivers there. Because I don’t know anyone who has been there. I have a lot more to learn about it before really considering going there. But the geography, location, cost of travel are all appealing. Also the lure of unknown rivers. There could be lots of first descents to be had…” ~Tom Patoff

elephants botswana

“I would go back and explore more of Africa. I’d like to see the deserts and coast in Namibia. I’d also like to do the whole run on the Zambezi.” ~Kate Wollney

So whether you’re looking for a big whitewater rafting adventure or just want to getaway to somewhere new and exotic this year, we hope these destination picks help you plan an incredible vacation in 2013.


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