Top 5 Winter Getaway Ideas for Adventure Lovers


So maybe you didn’t get around to taking a vacation this year, or maybe you’re just looking to escape to somewhere warm this winter.  Either way, we’ve got five picks for winter getaways all over the world that will satisfy your adventure craving.  Some of them are so unique, and offered only once, that you’ll have bragging rights for a long time coming.

5.  Baja, Mexico. An enjoyable destination much of the year, Baja, Mexico is an especially sweet spot in January and February when you can witness the Gray whale migration from Alaska to the western shores of Baja which become their breeding ground.  Explore islands and bays by kayak, whale watch in Magdalena Bay, and relax on sandy beaches as you forget it’s the middle of winter.

4.  Galápagos Islands.  The Galápagos Islands are a natural playground like no other. Here, adventure and nature lovers alike, get to explore a fascinating underwater world complete with giant tortoises, hike in Charles Darwin’s footsteps and kayak majestic blue waters around magnificent volcanic islands.  Anytime you can live in your bathing suit for a week in the winter is a bonus.

3.  Chilean Patagonia.  The best way to experience Chile’s Patagonia?  By raft.   During the winter months in the northern hemisphere, the exhilarating Class V Futaleufú River, nestled below the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, offers an adventure that tops many people’s bucket lists.  Start your year off with an unforgettable experience.

2.  Queensland Coast of Australia.  Are you mesmerized by the sun, stars and sky?  Travel on a once-in-a-lifetime exploratory trip to the Queensland Coast of Australia during the next total eclipse cycle.  You’ll even have a chance to view the eclipse from a hot air balloon.  Now that’s something that not many folks can say they’ve done. You’ve got to be ready to act fast though.  The one-time trip with OARS, Total Eclipse: The Sun Down Under, is scheduled for November 12-19, 2012. Call Carrie Aronson at  1-800-346-6277 ext. 4786 for details.

And our number one winter getaway pick, simply because it’s such a unique and exclusive opportunity, is…


1.  Sacred Rivers of Bhutan.  Not exactly the first destination that comes to mind when you think of amazing whitewater, but Bhutan’s Class IV Drangme Chhu amid dramatic mountain scenery is just waiting to be explored.  Join international adventurer Barbara Neary and OARS president & founder, George Wendt, to be part of the second-ever expedition to run the entire canyon of this pristine river. Now that’s some serious bragging rights.  Contact Barbara Neary at  1-800-346-6277 ext. 4804 or email her at to find out about this incredible 17-day rafting and cultural expedition from December 2-18, 2012.


Where are you headed this winter?  Chime in below with your favorite winter getaway spots.