Top 10 Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Planet

Best Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Planet

The best person out there to tell us about the best whitewater rafting trips in the world has to be O.A.R.S.’ very own Mindy Gleason.  But that’s not just because she’s part of our team. For the seventh consecutive year, Condé Nast Traveler has selected Mindy as the only Top Travel Specialist in the rafting industry.

Check out the photos below to find out which whitewater rafting trips make the top ten list, plus what makes them the best of the best according to the top travel specialist in the industry…


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  • Marie-Louise, Gravity Adventur

    Some beautiful rivers there but a heavy emphasis on North America and not a single African river?

    • Cari_Morgan

      Marie-Louise, no doubt there are a number of great rivers in Africa. I guess we need to get our Top Travel Specialist over to Morocco, South Africa or Zambia next! What are your recommendations?

      • Mindy G

        Why Cari, I think that’s an excellent suggestion! And, no doubt the mighty Zambezi should be on my list, whether I’ve been there or not! Do over? Top 11 Rivers Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Planet??

    • John Ryan

      that is because north america is closer

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