The Ultimate Girls’ Getaway

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The Ultimate Girls Getaway

The traditional girls’ trip typically falls into the category of rest and relaxation. It could be a weekend in wine country or a spa day perhaps. But let’s be honest, girls’ getaways are about so much more than plush pampering. The real reasons we like (and need) to get away are to reconnect with friends, rejuvenate our spirits and have FUN.

So here’s why a whitewater rafting trip tops any sort of spa weekend and is the ultimate girls’ getaway:

1) Reconnect with friends

Whether you’re paddling together through a major rapid, floating through the canyon or trying your luck in a double inflatable kayak, rafting provides some of the best opportunities to reconnect with friends. We all know that women make better paddlers, and your guide will be stoked to have you and your friends as his crew. Sitting in a chair on the bank of a river, sipping a beverage and watching the roaring campfire under a star-filled sky, you’ll all being laughing about the day’s excitement and saying there’s no better place to be. It’s the perfect setting for catching up with old friends, making new memories and enjoying the great outdoors.

Girls getaway on a river trip

2) Rejuvenate

Escapism is what it’s all about on a girls’ trip. Getting far, far away from boyfriends, husbands, partners, kids and the everyday grind in general. What’s further from the norm than a trip down the river, into the remote wilderness, with nothing but beautiful sunsets, wildlife galore and whitewater? Paddling hard through the rapids, taking in the surrounding beauty and breathing in the fresh air, you’ll find yourself re-energized and re-charged by the end of the trip. The river has a way of breathing life into you in a way no hot tub ever could.

3) Have fun

Have you ever punched through a wave? Gotten completely doused by water as you ride high through the rapid? Turning to your girlfriend, grinning widely, soaked to the skin, I can guarantee you’ll throw your head back and laugh with glee. So. Much. Fun.

If you can’t let go of visions of vineyards and the sweet taste of Syrah on your lips, consider taking a wine on the river trip with the gals. Dinner by the river with linens, food by a catered chef and plenty of wine brought by an accompanied winemaker, your getaway will surely be the best girls trip yet.

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