The Meals You Won’t Believe We Serve On River Trips

The Meals You Won’t Believe We Serve On River Trips

Some folks go on multi-day river trips and expect to suffer when it comes to meal time.

They fear beans and weenies.

They think, “What has modern science learned to freeze dry lately?”

They expect cold cuts. For breakfast.

I have yet to talk to an OARS guest, however, who doesn’t mention the over-the-top quality of meals.

Multiple times.

Dutch Oven DelishHow good can it be, you ask?

First, you should know the guides shop before each trip, and they try to get the freshest, most locally-sourced, and even organic goods they can.

Know that they’re packing up stoves, real silverware, and jamming coolers full of ice. So, you’re getting fresh produce, cold juice, prime cuts of meat, and eating doesn’t feel like an elementary school picnic.

Need some examples, try these:


How about Eggs Benedict, or French toast, or pancakes with sausage, or egg, cheese and sausage burritos, all served with fruit, yogurt and cereal?


Pulled pork sandwiches, anyone? How about chicken Caesar salad wraps? We’ve got bagels and lox and cream cheese. Or tuna salad. All of it’s garnished with veggies, dips, chips, crackers and cookies.


This is where your mind gets blown: cheese, grape and wine appetizers to start. Salmon with couscous. Asparagus. Spinach salad with hazelnuts and blueberries. Strawberry shortcake. That’s one meal folks.

Another: Caprese bruschetta apps, then tri-tip beef or halibut, with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and homemade coleslaw. Ever had brownies from a Dutch oven for dessert? You will.

Culinary Adventures

If you’re a real foodie, like, a serious gourmet, or if you just like to eat like royalty, there are some specialty trips you should check out. Join executive chefs, brewmasters and vintners who help us put on floating feasts that combine incredible culinary concoctions with amazing libations.

Example: Andouille sausage, shrimp and crawfish fritter with cilantro remoulade paired with Pinot Noir. Then a charcuterie platter, with a Roussanne. Those are the appetizers. Then a farm cabbage salad, with lemon tarragon vinaigrette, paired with a Viognier. Follow with a Chicken Viogneir entree with morel mushrooms, white truffle grits and micro mustard green salad. Mate that with a Syrah. Top it off with “Downtown” s’mores — chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallows, with a Port from Woodridge Creek Winery.

That’s just one meal from this year’s Wine Tasting Trip on the Rogue River in Oregon.

Mouth watering yet? And all that, while you squish your toes into a sandy beach, beside a pristine wilderness river.

Let’s meet for dinner, why don’t we?

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