The Beach Vacation Redefined

The Beach Vacation Redefined

A Day at the Beach Has Never Been So Fun

Forget the ocean, the new beach vacation is on the river. And while getting to your very own secluded beach is half the fun, that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. After running the rapids, you’ve typically got the entire afternoon and evening to waste away the hours in total bliss.

What could you possibly do with yourself in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilization? Plenty. Here are some of our favorite ways for making the most out of your beach vacation (redefined)…

Let your inner-kid shine and play a game.

Whether it’s the classics like horseshoes and volleyball, or a guide favorite like Hunker Down, where you’ll have to test your balance and outsmart your opponent to win, you won’t be able to resist jumping into the beach game action. And when the stars start to come out, the guides will pull out glow bocce. You better eye up the competition throughout the day, because things will get competitive!

Glow bocce

Water sports of a different sort.

You’ve been on the water all day, yet the crystal clear water of the river is right there enticing you and the family to jump in. But why just take a dip when you can go on an adventure swim? You’ll need a life jacket for this one because it involves hiking upstream and letting yourself flow through the rapids, minus the boat. Or, back at shore, challenge a guide (or family member) to a “duckie war.” It’s like king of the hill, but you’re both balancing on an upside down duckie (also known as an inflatable kayak). Chances are you’ll both fall off, but hey, you wanted to get wet, right? And sure, you see them on the ocean, but stand up paddle boards (SUPs) are just as much fun on the river. Take one out for a whirl.

Hikes you can only access via the beach.

So, you’re in the middle of this river canyon, on a glorious secluded beach, but you can’t help but be curious about what lies beyond the beach. Is it a stream that leads to a hidden waterfall, or perhaps a hot spring calling you in for a dip? One thing is for sure, beyond a river beach, there is way more than a line of resorts. And it’s all yours to discover on an exploratory hike.

Rediscover your love of fishing.

You can’t just cast your fishing rod from an ocean beach and hope to catch something. But you can do that from a river beach. And with fish biting often, from some of the most pristine fishing holes you’ll ever see, the fun will last for hours.

beach vacation redefined

Just kick back and relax.

Sometimes all you need is a good book, cold beverage, and feet dipped in the water to have a good time. We recommend grabbing a beach chair and plopping it right in the river. Why not?

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