How to Sell a Rafting Trip to Your Non-adventure-loving Family

How to Sell a Rafting Trip to Your Non-adventure-loving Family

So, you wanted to hit the river this summer, but couldn’t convince the fam to go? We know lots of folks who’ve been in your shoes. The spouse and the kids have a ton of reasons why a rafting trip would be the worst vacation ever, and you don’t know what to say to persuade them to go. Well, next year we’ve got you covered.

Here are few things the naysayers in your house will definitely throw your way, and what you can say to change their mind…

Them: Rapids freak me out. What if I fall off the boat?

You: What happens if you fall out? You get to cool off and have an exciting little “adventure” swim. With a little help, you get yourself back in the boat, feeling refreshed and you have a great story to tell.  But the 9-year-old that’s on the trip too might make fun of you for the rest of the afternoon. Yes, that’s right, if 9-year-olds can handle the rapids, so can you.

Them: You want me to sleep on the ground for a week? I don’t camp.

You: There’s a difference between sleeping on the ground, and sleeping in a tent on a sandy beach with a 3-inch pad, pillow, sheets and a cozy sleeping bag. All of which will be provided, by the way.  Throw your tent down next to the ultimate nighttime sound machine—the sound of the river flowing gently downstream—and guaranteed you’ll sleep better than you have in a long time.

OARS trip breakfast

Them: We’re going to starve in the woods.  What happened to eating and drinking well on vacation?

You: It’s not like we’re going to be eating beans out of a can all week. These guys literally bring an entire kitchen with them (and sometimes even a guest chef!). We’re talking French toast for breakfast, gourmet sandwiches for lunch, steak, risotto and salad for dinner and dessert every night too. You might even pack on a few pounds if you enjoy all the deliciousness that’s served up riverside.  As for happy hour, we can bring your favorite libation along. If you want to sip Moscow Mules on the beach, you can.

Them: We won’t be able to check our email.

You: Believe it or not, the world will not fall apart in a week. Your friends will still be your friends next week.  And your boss will survive without you.  Besides, when’s the last time we all “unplugged” for a few days anyway?  We might even share a laugh or two together. Really.

River paddleboarding

Them: We’ll be in the middle of nowhere. It’s going to be so boring.

You: How could an adventure vacation possibly be boring? Sure, we may not be running rapids all day, but the fun just begins when we get to camp for the day. We might be able to hike to a hidden waterfall, soak in a hot spring, slide down a makeshift Slip ‘N Slide into the river or play bocce ball on the beach. We’ll swim in crystal clear water, practice paddleboarding and watch for shooting stars.

Them (Ok, actually just your spouse on this one): That sounds way too expensive.

You: Let’s look at this as an all-inclusive vacation, because it is. There’s no shelling out for extra activities, or the beer you want to enjoy on the beach. No pricey breakfasts, lunches and dinners. No researching the best hotel for the least amount of money. It’s all taken care of before we leave.

That should help change their minds, don’t you think?

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