Photos From the Field: Tuolumne River Rafting

A Close-up Look at California’s Tuolumne River Post-Rim Fire

Photos from our early-season Tuolumne River rafting trips have started to filter in, and the resilience of Mother Nature has never been clearer.  The way we see it, these pictures are the final proof that the epic 257,000-acre Rim Fire didn’t ruin California’s Wild & Scenic Tuolumne River for good.  Actually, it doesn’t even look like the fire ruined the Tuolumne temporarily.

Instead of a vast moonscape in the canyon, we’re seeing trees standing strong (with green foliage!).  Instead of a dead zone, we’re seeing wildlife returning home. Instead of a river choked with burnt trees and ash, we’re seeing our favorite rapids just as they always were.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the photos for yourself…



Photos: Charles Townsend, Logan Bockrath, Steve Markle, and Mark Silverstone – Tuolumne River Rafting April/May 2014 



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