Photos From the Field: Cataract Canyon Rafting

Cataract Canyon rafting through the lens of photographer Whit Richardson

Photographer Whit Richardson has been documenting adventure travel and sports for years, working for many of the big name outdoor gear, clothing companies and magazines. And when you see his work, you can tell he’s not just pursuing his passion, he’s living it.

We recently snagged Whit to be a photography instructor for our April 20, 2014 Cataract Canyon rafting trip on the Colorado River through Canyonlands National Park. Not surprisingly, he came back with stunning photos that show off everything this canyon country experience has to offer.  From hidden side canyons and ancient ruins to incredible starry nights and scenic vistas, this is the trip through his lens…


See more of photographer Whit Richardson’s Cataract Canyon rafting photos here.


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