Idaho: More Than Just…

You thought we were going to say potatoes, didn’t you?  That, my friends, is probably why the Idaho Wine Commission set out to make fun of the state’s biggest stereotype–to set the record straight about what really makes Idaho so great, and get people everywhere talking about something other than…potatoes.

Starring a pissed off potato farmer who’s tired of being labeled everywhere he goes as one of those wine guys from Idaho, the organization has put together a hilarious parody that definitely puts the state’s most underrated crop top of mind. But that’s not why we love this video.  Apparently, the wine folk are also a wee bit tired of being overshadowed by Idaho’s incredible rivers and outdoor activities that attract millions of visitors every year.  Ok, not really, but as part of the joke the video features a rafting outfitter who’s desperately trying to convince wine-obsessed tourists that, “Idaho has more to offer than just wine!”

So to that we say, thank you Idaho Wine Commission for highlighting one of the other major reasons why your wild state is such a great vacation spot.  Because we agree, Idaho is about way more than just potatoes.

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