11 Stunning Images You’ll Only See in Sacred Bhutan


Adventure photographer Justin Bailie takes us on a tour of Bhutan’s majestic rivers, peaks and monasteries.  

Located along the southern slope of the eastern Himalaya, adventure travel in Bhutan is in its infancy, making it a truly off-the-beaten-path destination. Those who make the trek to this mysterious country will find a wilderness that most of us can only imagine in our wildest dreams—dramatic mountains with Buddhist monasteries perched high in the cliffs, crystalline rivers that few have seen and deep jungles with exotic animals many have never even heard of.   Take a look at a few of the stunning images you’ll only see in Bhutan…


O.A.R.S. trip designer Barbara Neary contributed to the photo captionsWant to see more photos from Justin Bailie’s trip to Bhutan? Click here to view the full album or visit his Website at www.justinbailie.com.  


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