Ask A River God: What If I *Really* Like To Fly-Fish?

Ask A River God: What If I *Really* Like To Fly-Fish?
Got a burning question about rafting trips? A catalog can only cover so much, then it’s time to Ask A River God. Send us your questions, and we’ll put our guides and staff to the test!


My family of five will be going on the Middle Fork Salmon trip August 2. We all love to fly fish for trout. Question is should we bring fly fishing gear, is there room in the boats, and will there be time to do any fishing in the evening or other times?

— Thanks, Craig Adams

Jeffe AronsonDear Craig,

Asking if you should bring fly fishing gear to the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is kinda like asking if you should bring your eyeglasses to the Miss America contest. Tums to the jalapeño festival? Mosquito repellant to Alaska?

If you don’t bring your fly gear with you, you will be kicking yourself. I’ll help. Get a license, make it happen. I’ll bet you dinner at Red Lobster you catch 10 fish a day. And that’s if you only fish at camp.

I know it’s your vacation. Gird your loins. Get up at dawn, before breakfast, and watch the spectacular sunrise while everyone complains about how much you whoop and holler at all those fish you’re catching. Get out your gear after the boats get into camp every afternoon and disappear with your favorite beer. I doubt you’ll have time to drink it.

If you fish off the raft during the day, make that 20 fish. Thirty? Rainbows, Browns, Brooks, Dolly Partons (or is that Varden?) … I’m no fisherman, but we’re talking THE premier trout fishing river in the world. Fishermen and women salivate at the mere mention. They often pay double to do it, too.

There’s room. They’ll make room. The eyeballs of most of our guides up there go a little goofy any time you mention fly fishing, dribble starts in the corners of their mouths. If they find out you’re crazy, too, they will take you in and teach you their secrets and maybe even share their single malt with you. Nuff said.

I like mine with garlic and butter.

— River God

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