6 Wines That Go Well With Whitewater

6 Wines That Go Well With Whitewater

You’re going to think I’m making this up.

But, I’m not.

A Syrah goes exceptionally well with whitewater, particularly when it’s paired with Chicken Viognier with morel mushrooms, white truffle grits and micro mustard green salad.

Just as an example off the top of my head. (Sort of.)

The fresh air of pristine rivers is certainly complemented by the bouquet of a Cabernet Franc. Pair this with a Dungeness crab-crusted fillet with Creole Hollandaise, potato hash and grilled asparagus salad, and what rafter wouldn’t call the day complete?

Vintage Whitewater RaftingMaybe a chardonnay is more your style, you say, as its body and clarity go so well with the bubble of rapids and eddies. In that case, let us sup on pink sea salt-crusted sockeye salmon, say, with a sweet dill vinaigrette, garden vegetable and smoked Gouda risotto, and a citrus jicama slaw.

But, wait! We’ve forgotten the wines to pair with appetizers. And desserts! (How could we forget dessert?)

What goes well with lemon streusel-topped, white chocolate creme anglaise-dashed raspberry tart and oar rigs? Well, the Roxy Ann Winery’s Late Harvest Rielsing comes to mind.

As I sink my toes into untouched beach sand riverside, I often find myself craving a Pinot Noir to tie together the flavors in an andouille sausage, shrimp and crawfish fritter with cilantro remoulade.

And, of course, we’ll be having s’mores at the campfire. You might like a Port from Woolridge Creek Winery to go with them, and the sight of stars reflecting on ripples in the river.

OK, so I sort of cheated. I didn’t think this up at all. But it might surprise you to know this is all off the menu of a single trip earlier this year — a Rogue River Wine Trip.

Chef David Georgeson of the Ashland Springs Hotel put together this menu (and more), pairing up his favorite dishes with wines from Valley View Winery.

If gourmet is your thing, you should find out how heightened the sensitivity of your palate is after a day on the water, in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Not only do OARS guides know how to cook up a storm in their own right, but chefs are regularly invited along to share their epicurean creations on culinary whitewater adventures.

No beans and weenies here. Come find out.


What sort of food fantasies do you have when you’re off in the wilderness? Tell us your dream river meal in the comments below.


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