5 Reasons Roughing it is for Schlubs

5 Reasons Roughing it is for Schlubs

Take a river trip, but do it in style.

Roughing it? If you’re rafting on a river trip somewhere and “roughing it,” you’re doing it wrong.

Go totally 5-star when you get on a river trip and never look back. Here’s why:

River Food

Ramen noodles? Try Rogue River gourmet rafting instead (as just one example). Food on a river trip should be as delicious as the trip itself. Don’t skip the fine dining just because you’re a million miles from civilization.

River Beverages

Wine’s nice. Wine tasting with a premier vineyard as you sit riverside and sip the nectar of the gods is really nice. Or do the same thing with craft beer. That works, too.

River Beds

Sure, you could sleep on the ground with a tree root for a pillow. But why? You’ll be much happier in the very cushy digs around some of the world’s greatest campsites. Trust us on this.

River Equipment

Going down a river in your brother-in-law’s canoe is one thing. Floating in top-of-the-line rafts and hand-crafted dories is something else entirely. Also top-of-the-line: the guides.


OK, this one’s cheating a little, but here’s a secret: River trips are like car camping without the car. Meaning, you don’t have to carry your stuff on your back. That’s what the boats are for.

It’s really not much of a choice.

Go plush when you go on the river. You’ll never, ever regret it.

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