4 of the Best Adventure Trips for Foodies

4 of the Best Adventure Trips for FoodiesPhoto courtesy of Intrepid Travel

Our picks for the most mouthwatering adventures around the world and the companies you should go with…

There must be something in the genetic makeup of foodies that makes them crave not just the best food, but the most adventurous of experiences. Luckily, exploring the world of food and the world at large go hand in hand–especially when you sign on for one of these trips, the best adventure trips for foodies.

Real Food Adventure – Vietnam Overview

Stay close to the ground with Intrepid Travel, where there’s nothing between you and the real world out there but, well, nothing. Go ahead and give in–let Vietnam engulf you. The swatch of verdant land will give up its treasures to you on this 12-day trip, and if you can accept the the sensory overload, the cacophony and dizzying array of scents are your gateway to some of the most tantalizing foods on the planet.  The sizzling banh xeo, fragrant pho, and mysterious street foods you’ll encounter seem made for Instagram. Pinch yourself to see if that’s really you sailing the ethereal Halong Bay up north and steering among the dragon boats as you navigate the lush maze of the Mekong Delta down south.

peru best adventure trips for foodies

An Exploration in Peru

Get up close and personal with the World Travel Awards’ Leading Culinary Destination–Peru.  Discover just what makes the food of this colorful South American cornucopia so alluring when you take a nine-day trip with Whole Journeys (the travel company arm of Whole Foods Markets).  It’s full-on immersion in the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of the South American country, but what makes it so special is the meaningful emphasis on personal connections. That bag of coffee you buy at Whole Foods will never be the same after you visit one of their fair trade organic coffee suppliers. You’ll also meet the folks behind a family-owned organic tea farm and try your hand at bargaining in the artisan stalls of the Pisaq market. And how straight out of Harry Potter does the Museum of Sacred, Magical and Medicinal Plants in Cusco sound? You’ll check that out too. But don’t worry—it’s not all food. You’ll also experience the one and only Machu Picchu.

best adventure trips for foodies

Rogue River Wilderness Gourmet

They say being outdoors works up an appetite. Well, try  rafting the adrenaline-raising Rogue River in Oregon, and learn just what ravenous is.  Join your fellow foodie adventurers by night for high cuisine under a starry spread of sky on this four-day getaway with, who else but OARS, of course. The river guides are nothing short of magicians as you’ll see when they conjure dinner out of ingredients and equipment that made the trip downriver with you.  But this is no spectator sport. CIA-trained master river chef Bob Anderson intends for foodies to do more than appreciate his fine cuisine–you’ll roll up your sleeves and learn some of his tips and tricks. Your souvenir from this trip? A new and improved cooking repertoire. (Come on, we couldn’t share foodie trip recommendations without mentioning one of our own culinary adventures, right?)

micato east africa safari

Photo courtesy of Micato

East African Epicurean Safari

There are dream trips, and then there are dream trips. If your daydreams have long included oh-so-romantic candlelit dinners in the heart of the African bush, the too-close-to-believe sounds of some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife just outside your flickering circle of light, you need to sign on to this nine-day excursion to Nairobi and Kenya with Micato posthaste. They’re Travel + Leisure’s #1 World’s Best Safari Outfitter for good reason, so you can expect nothing short of a fantasy come true, complete with an exotic island and luxury resort on the equator, not to mention Kenyan cooking lessons, camel rides, and feasting at the meat-lovers’ heaven, Carnivore Restaurant.

Have you been on a trip that should be added to our best adventure trips for foodies list? Tell us about it below.


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