20 Reasons to Love Our National Parks

20 Reasons to Love Our National Parks

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We’ve partnered with the National Park FoundationThe ClymbTeva and Klean Kanteen to celebrate our national parks. Each week as part of OARS’ I Love Our National Parks contest we’ve been giving away a national park trip for two, plus a boat load of gear from our partners. And thousands of you have joined in by telling the world why you love our parks.  If you haven’t jumped on board yet, don’t worry, there’s still time to enter for a chance to win the ultimate prize: a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

In the meantime, we’ve loved reading about what our country’s natural treasures mean to you, and couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorites.  So, if you need a little motivation to visit a national park this summer, here are 20 great reasons…

20 reasons to love our national parks

1.  I can’t bring my kayak to church. ~Kathy Smith

2.  They drown out worry, stress, and email alerts with easy silence. ~Leah Suerer

3.  Around every corner lies amazing possibilities for adventure. ~Karen Hays

4.  The wonder of nature must be preserved for generations to come. ~Sara Jones

20 reasons to love our national parks

5.  They are an invitation to live life fully awake.  ~Sarah Herbert

6.  The outdoors is so much better than TV or social media!  ~Carrie Chappell

7.  They encourage my children to love and explore nature.  ~Brittney Conover

8.  Nothing better than waking up to a sunset coming out of a tent.  ~Daryl Smith

20 reasons to love our national parks

9.  Their beauty heals me more than all the medicine in the world! ~Wendy Harvath

10.  Wilderness is where peace lives and poetry begins.  ~Ellen Kempler

11.  They preserve our chance to connect with a wild, wondrous world.  ~Stephanie Spurgat

12.  They’re “national,” not exclusive. ~Matt Sculatti

20 reasons to love our national parks

13.  They provide peace and tranquility in a crazy world.  ~Adam Richards

14.  Allow me to be who I am, instead of who society wants me to be.  ~Cassie Likens

15.  The world IS TOO BIG FOR A SCREEN. ~Mike Cimprich

16.  It’s a place to be a part of something better than ourselves. ~Laura Peck

20 reasons to love our national parks

17.  Inspired Ansel Adams, inspired John Muir, still inspiring me! ~Candice Finley

18.  They protect our wild animal friends! ~Jody Weiner

19.  With every visit a new story is whispered in my ear.  ~Jennifer Huber

20.  You can’t put a price on perspective. ~Brian Zuver

20 reasons to love our national parks

 Why do you love our national parks? Tell us here.


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