Top 10 Life-List Adventures

Make this the year you check one of these iconic Western experiences off your bucket list


This is no spur-of-the-moment getaway. You’ll need to book the trip at least six months ahead, take a week off work, spend upwards of $2,000. But then you get on the river. The raft floats beneath towering rock walls apparently colored using the largest box of crayons in the universe: all ochres and umbers and corals. You trail your arm in the cool river, and the water is heaven—literally, you are sure this is what heaven feels like. The current speeds up and your guide shouts, “Hold on!” because you’re approaching one of the rapids that would make the World River Rapids Hall of Fame if there were such a thing: Sockdolager, Upset, Lava Falls. The raft spins, buckles, cold water floods in on you, but amazingly the raft doesn’t flip over and you don’t fall out and you realize that every adventure you ever had in your life was just preparation for this one.

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