Condé Nast Traveler - December 2011


New Adventure-Travel Journeys for 2012

Because the lure of being among the first to leave footprints often drives them, adventure travelers are more likely than their mainstream counterparts to look forward to the offerings of new trips, especially if they are to out-of-the-ordinary places. And none of these we’ve chosen, which are among the best adventure trips being offered for 2012, should disappoint.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Whitewater where you don’t expect it

The Bosnia of the headlines is gone, as you’ll discover in Bosnia: Three Rivers journey, led by O.A.R.S. The journey begins in culturally fascinating Sarajevo and traverses a green countryside of mountains and Class II-III whitewater rivers, including the three you’ll raft, among them the Tara, which flows through the “Grand Canyon of the Balkans.”