“The guides were all fabulous; very hard working and fun to hang out with. One day, we got to hike up to the peak (at the Big Creek campsite) and that was fantastic. Food was good. Breakfast (the healthy stuff) was awesome. The guides kept all of our spirits up notwithstanding terrible weather for 3 of 7 days.”.

Kirk Davenport ~ New York, NY

“The expedition leader, Brian McCutcheon, clearly knows how to do this trip from top to bottom. His experience and leadership was key to making this a great experience for all of us.”

Severn Sandt ~ New York, NY

“The river guides were exceptional. They went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable and meaningful every moment along the way. They deserve your greatest confidence, and without doubt they are your most valuable asset in furthering your business. Also, the food was extraordinary. Again, the guides went out of their way to prepare the meals exceptionally well and even baked three cakes for us. Finally, the safety consciousness of the guides was reassuring. They spoke honestly about the inherent risks and gave excellent instruction about what to do in various circumstances.”

Dale Griffith ~ Barrington, IL

“No words come to me to describe my feelings about the trip we had with you, the river, the dreamlike days and outrageous luxury of your expedition. If I knew camping was like that I would have started decades ago. But most importantly I thank Jennifer, as the woman behind the men, with unlimited patience, strength (lifting that raft by yourself), talent and cheer. So thank you belatedly. Great to be with you. This was truly a trip to remember.”

Amelda Johnson ~New York, NY

“On behalf of the Borge family, I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip we had on the Chilko last summer. We had been planning this trip for over two years and it surpassed every expectation. We get together often and re-live the times through the many pictures we have. I have mine on my computer as a rotating screen saver and seeing our campsites and the rapids brings back the great feelings we experienced for that week.”

Each day of the trip was better than the day before. The food and accommodations were outstanding and enough cannot be said about our guides Mark, Doug, Lindsay and Alexei. They made every day fun and exciting. We all felt part of a motley crew who were out to have a great and safe time – and we did!

The weather was perfect and we learned so much about beautiful British Columbia and the wonderful city of Vancouver. It was the perfect place to start and end the adventure of a lifetime. Please pass on our best wishes to the crew as we became good friends and that made our trip all the better.”

Dave Borge ~Hoosick Falls, NY