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Shared surprises, shared meals and even shared mishaps open a very big window on human instincts: We weave one bold experience into a bold new outlook. Families evolve; problems get solved; business partners build a real friendship. Who knows why? Yet it's as real as the rising sun.

And in business, investment in shared adventure can build shared goals.

A top TV executive summarizes it this way: "Travel incentives are business tools, planned and managed to motivate. The magic of a shared adventure must begin with promotion and carry through client services. It finally peaks with the prize of an adventure to remember .. with us! O.A.R.S. completes the plan with prep, safety & service we trust.”

Sample Programs
Classic Adventure in Botswana - Incentive Travel with OARS
Cultural Adventure in Istanbul - Incentive Travel with OARS

Cruise among hippos at sunset; edge past elephants at dawn; return to your deluxe lodge for lunch in the shade with drinks facing the river. And that just a start! “We had never met the principals of this client company until the founders took up our safari invitation. John tailored their flights and lodging to match special requests; soon we were on bush planes and land rovers together. We traded photos of leopard cubs and our kids in college, then sipped fine Cape wine under the African sky.” –TV exec, Philadelphia

“Top clients joined us to explore this ancient world, and to learn more about Turkey in the modern world. Ancient sites, underground caverns, sailing the Turquoise Coast – all were stunning. But when James stepped in to help a client with emergency care, we saw a professional team in action: first aid, hospital care, notifications home and transport to rejoin the group two days later, all while other O.A.R.S. staff and local crews provided full service without missing a beat.” – TV exec, San Francisco

Celebrity Adventure in Monte Carlo - Incentive Travel with OARS
Cutting Edge Adventure in Cuba - Incentive Travel with OARS

CELEBRITY ADVENTURE: Champagne & Monte Carlo
Arrive by helicopter at the Mediterranean shore, dine in a castle with princely views, and boat beyond Cannes to St. Tropez. Then fly north past Paris to the original realm of Champagne, where a web of underground cellars still celebrates the bubbly genius of friar Dom Perignon...over lunch, with clients and a diplomat from the US Embassy! “We knew that Jennifer was an expert on National Parks in the Rockies; now we know that she’s just as prepared to help our guests feel at home in Monte Carlo.”

From street jazz to stunning shores and the Caribbean’s best architecture, no other country in the hemisphere offers so much texture. U.S. protocol requires People-to-People diplomacy established by Eisenhower, but our clients have been impressed: “Our group included architects, designers, a dentist, two counselors and a produce wholesaler; each one was matched with local experts for a new kind of adventure. Bill shot photos as if he were a location scout; now his portrait-book of Cuba is a gift we treasure.”

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“Before our safari I’d call 5 times to reach these clients once … now they invite me to dinner!”
—Account Executive, San Francisco

Meet the Team

Bill Jennifer James John

Bill Bacigalupi
Sales Manager

Over three decades of broadcast sales, Bill launched adventure incentives for top clients; as General Sales Manager for ABC in San Francisco his team led the market for 32 years.

Jennifer Brock
Travel Manager

The unstoppable traveler flew for Pan Am in its heyday, moved to group travel management with American Airlines, and now sets up worldwide adventure incentives for Comcast/NBC.

James Rodger
Field Manager

Our Canadian expert led adventures for 20 years by river and trail in the Rockies and Africa, along with sailing and kayak adventures in Turkey, and BMW rallies in the Alps.

John Tichenor
Program Manager

After outfitting National Geographic to explore the source of the Amazon, John joined MGM as location manager, then managed adventure incentives for ABC, CBS & NBC.

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