Cari Westbrook

Nickname: Chuck (true story)
Position: California Client Services Representative
Hometown: Clayton, GA
Favorite Food: The Chicken Pot Pie at Outer Aisle. Specific, I know – but it’s worth the honor.
Favorite Music: Anything you can swing out to, but especially music by Fats Waller and Artie Shaw
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: Sharing unicorn jokes with my coworker Amanda. Just kidding – I love working with everyone here in general; it’s such a professional and positive environment, which is important to me.
Greatest Memory: It’s more a series of memories – for some reason, a significant number of clients think my name is Carl – though one person called me Sarah once, which was completely unprecedented.
Other Hobbies: Swing dancing, Argentine tango, reading, hiking
Special Talents: Grammar, creating vintage hairdos, and making my mom laugh
Time with O.A.R.S.: Since 2013