Kristi Reif

Position: Marketing & Customer Service Manager
Hometown: Arnold, CA
Favorite Food: Seafood, Italian, Mexican and anything that's SUPER spicy
Favorite Music: It depends on what my soul feels like listening to, however, my soul abhors rap.
Favorite thing about working for O.A.R.S.: I love working for a company that offers adventure vacations to some of the most beautiful places on Earth while providing stewardship for our planet. Pretty good “job” if you ask me!
Greatest Memory: That unforgettable moment the howler monkeys were screaming outside my room at 5 am, or maybe not. I did LOVE my trip to Costa Rica though. Such a beautiful place, and I even rafted Class IV whitewater. The turtle nesting tour was also quite an experience!
Other Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, reading and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
Special Talents: Singing and playing my guitar
Time with O.A.R.S.: Since 2003