River wisdom from the people who drive you downstream.

Did the Rim Fire ruin the Tuolumne River canyon?

Did the Rim Fire Ruin the Tuolumne River...


Amanda O'Neill

The Rim Fire was the third largest fire in California history, and it tore through our beloved Tuolumne River Canyon. But did it ruin it?...... Read More

Hamish McMaster of Water By Nature

Why You Shouldn't Wait to Raft the Zambe...


Cari Morgan

You’ve only got five years to raft one of the best rivers in the world. Find out what's threatening to destroy the Zambezi River...... Read More

Essential Comfort for River Trips

15 Essentials for Maximum River Trip Com...


Ashley Sozzi

Here are a few suggested essentials for maximizing your comfort both on and off the water in every type of river trip setting...... Read More

What it takes to make good food on a river trip

The Art of Cooking for River Trips Revea...


Kate Wollney

How do they do that? A longtime guide and river chef extraordinaire reveals what it takes to make good food on river trips...... Read More

Don't Date a River Guide...

Don't Date a River Guide


Joslin Fritz

Inspired by the popular HuffPo article, "Don't Date a Girl Who Travels," river guide Joslin Fritz explains why you should never date a river guide...... Read More

What makes a good river guide great?

What Makes a Good River Guide Great?


Joslin Fritz

There are certain traits that some river guides have that make them, well, just a little better than the rest. A fellow river guide explains...... Read More