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Confluence of the Little Colorado, Grand Canyon | Photo: Neil Rabinowitz

5 River Conservation Organizations to Fo...


Caitlin Kauffman

Check out some of the heavy-hitting river conservation groups fighting the good fight and working to ensure our waterways...... Read More

Río Marañón, Peru | Photo: Gato Montes

The Grand Canyon of the Amazon Under Att...


Cari Morgan

Veteran O.A.R.S. guide Stefanie Wessel talks about Paddling with a Purpose to save the Rio Marañon in Peru.... Read More

Lower Salmon River rafting and craft beer tasting trip with O.A.R.S.

How Green is Your Beer?


Caitlin Kauffman

If you love cold beer and rivers as much as we do, check out some of these eco-friendly craft beers that are easy on the taste buds and the earth.... Read More

Grand Canyon Hiker

5 Reasons We Need to Fight for the Grand...


Sinjin Eberle

There's no question about it, the Grand Canyon is under attack. Sinjin Eberle from American Rivers shares five reasons why...... Read More

2015 Wild & Scenic Film Festival | Photo: Josh Miller Photography

Grab Some Popcorn and Be Inspired


Ashley Sozzi

Our staff was on the ground for the kick-off of the 2015 Wild & Scenic Film Festival tour. Here's what you can expect at this love fest for the...... Read More

River of Eden: Fiji's Navua - Photo: Pete McBride

River of Eden


Pete McBride

Photojournalist Pete McBride heads to Fiji to explore the Navua River and discovers the unexpected--one of the most beautiful rivers on Earth.... Read More

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