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“Likes Getting Wet” is one of the answers Tricia Slavik gave in her O.A.R.S. traveler profile. The Yampa River trip was her 4th experience with O.A.R.S. and one of the biggest adventures of her life. Raising 2 teen-agers is THE biggest adventure of her life. Tricia loves to travel and has been to 15 countries in 3 continents and in 39 states. Although China was the furthest she has ever traveled, she feels her stop over in Newfoundland was the most exotic. Tricia owns her own marketing consulting company and lives in the Sierra Nevada Foothills with Bronte, Colden, 2 dogs, 1 PC, 1 Macbook. 2 iPads, a Wii, 3 Gameboys and a PlayStation 2.

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Camping on the Salmon River

Put a Cork In It

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Gamer Kid Rafting Trip

Gamer Kid Rafting Trip

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Staying Afloat In Single Parenthood

Staying Afloat In Single Parenthood

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