A New Kind of Troop Outing: Boy Scout Rafting Trips

Sep 21, 2012

A New Kind of Troop Outing: Boy Scout Rafting Trips

If your troop is a little less than engaged these days and you’re looking for something to bring back the excitement, a Boy Scout rafting trip could be the answer.  Scouts and Venturers want adventure.  They want whitewater, challenges, and wilderness. They want something they can take home and tell their friends about. 

On a high adventure trip with O.A.R.S., your troop or crew will have an exciting wilderness experience packed with thrilling whitewater, amazing hikes and numerous opportunities to develop their teamwork, skill sets and appreciation of the natural world. Additionally, special merit badge pursuit trips can be organized upon request.  

Take a peek at some of the amazing experiences your Boy Scouts and Venturers could have on a classic American adventure…

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Cari Morgan
Cari Morgan is O.A.R.S.' Communications Specialist (a.k.a. the voice of O.A.R.S.). She lives and plays in the Sierra Foothills.
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